While the end of production of Galvanic Electrolysis machines at the turn of the century appeared to spell the demise of a truly permanent solution to hair removal, instead it spurred the founder of Permanence Group, Noreen Roesler, to turn the dream she has always held for a faster, safer, more precise Galvanic electrolysis Machine into the reality of the E16+ Hair Eliminator.


Fast probe replacement

The E16+ Hair Eliminator is designed for lightning fast turnaround between clients. A fresh rack can be swapped out in seconds or probes replaced in one swift action. Racks and lamps can be quickly rearranged and positioned on the continuous rail mounting and pre-set programs called up in plain English with a few touches of the screen. You are now ready for your next client.

Instant feedback

Speed doesn’t stop with preparation. The E16+ Hair Eliminator screen provides clear information about the progress of each probe’s cycle and draws attention to any issues. An automated system retracts probe wires into the rack as probes are removed minimizing body contact and eliminating the opportunity for tangles or pull-outs.

Individual probe settings

Working on multiple body areas is often limited to areas that can use the same machine settings. This is not the case with the E16+ Hair Eliminator where sets of probes can be assigned to different pre-sets or to individual current and timing settings allowing you complete freedom to work on any combination of areas your client has asked for.



The E16+ Hair Eliminator meets all USA and international standards for body circuit devices including multiple levels of circuit isolation and current limiting.

Always safe current loads

It has been common practice to use two 16-probe machines at the same time on a client for prolonged treatment sessions. This doubles the body current load and doubles potential failure modes. A fast or overly enthusiastic electrologist can easily exceed safe body current levels in this situation. The E16+ Hair Eliminator can run up to 32 probes and monitor the entire current load on the client ensuring safe body current levels are never exceeded.

Easy Sterilisation

Keeping fragile equipment sterile has been an issue with current probe racks and machines. Devices with knobs and dials are difficult to clean between clients and every sterilization risks ingress of liquid into delicate components. For this reason the E16+ Hair Eliminator is controlled from a touchscreen which can be sterilized in moments with a simple wipe-down.

The probe rack is another problem area for sterilization with its delicate wires and probe holders in constant touch with both you and your client. The E16+ Hair Eliminator solves this problem with a completely redesigned probe rack. The entire rack can be swapped out between clients in seconds. With a suite of pre-prepared probe racks, each client can be treated using thoroughly sterilized equipment. The E16+ also minimises contact with probes and wires with probe wires sealed within the rack and a mechanical loader can insert or remove all probes from their holders in one swift action.

Reduced skin irritation

The return electrode can be a source of skin irritation if poorly connected or during prolonged treatments. The E16+ Hair Eliminator has completely rethought electrode attachment with devices that have higher surface area than present electrodes and conform effortlessly to any part of the body they are attached to.

Accurate monitoring

Finally, over-current anomalies can cause unnecessary inflammation of the area of skin under treatment. The E16+ Hair Eliminator monitors actual current flow into the skin for each individual probe allowing currents to be set with complete accuracy. It also comes pre-programmed with a range of settings for treating various hair types and locations on the body. Programs can even be assigned to selected probes to allow work on multiple body areas at the same time.


Full digital control

In the end, your goal is to remove hair once – permanently – with minimum discomfort and without damage to the skin. This can only be done when current and timing settings are accurate and consistent. Full digital control of the E16+ Hair Eliminator ensures both current and timing for every probe is as accurate as possible while monitoring of actual current levels at the probe-to-follicle interface ensures any issues are caught quickly and dealt with.

Adjustable current ramping

Adjustable and perfectly smooth current ramping in the E16+ Hair Eliminator ensures maximum client comfort and any momentary interruption to current flow will be dealt with by re-ramping the current and extending the timing to compensate.

Consistent current flow

The return electrode can be another source of variation in current flow – especially electrodes that are hand-held where simply changing pressure on the electrode can change its resistance.   The E16+ Hair Eliminator uses electrodes that are fitted to the body and have surface areas far greater than present electrodes. This ensures consistent and effective current flow at the return electrode.

Pre-set programs

Extensive systematic testing and experience has gone into the pre-set programs provided in the E16+ Hair Eliminator. Programs exist for most body areas, hair types and skin types making you the expert on all facets of hair removal. You can even extend the program library with your own preferred settings.


The E16+ Epilator may have been Noreen’s dream,
but its results will be a dream come true for you and your clients.
This is Galvanic Electrolysis re-imagined for the 21st century.