Our Mission

Permanence Group is dedicated to fulfilling every woman’s desire for beautiful, hair-free skin. We build advanced equipment that aims to remove hair once – permanently – in a manner that is faster, safer, and more precise than any epilator that has gone before.

What we do

We strongly believe in doing one thing and doing it better than anybody else. Permanence Group designs and builds just one type of product – galvanic multi-probe epilators and accessories.  By doing so, our company’s success is tied to producing the best and most advanced epilators in the world and continuing to improve them.

Why galvanic electrolysis

Galvanic electrolysis is permanent. Over 130 years of experience has shown galvanic electrolysis to produce consistently permanent results at eliminating unwanted hair.

Galvanic electrolysis is accurate. Treating individual hairs allows sculpting of hairlines along the scalp, brows or bikini line with absolute accuracy.

Galvanic electrology is safe. Its safety and success has been well documented around the world over its 130 years of refinement.

Multi-probe electrolysis is cost effective. Removing hair once and permanently means ending the regular financial strain of repetitive laser treatments, waxes or other temporary solutions.